iLamp Oregon

Smart and modular streetlighting for Oregon. iLamp boosts energy efficiency, cost savings, and public safety, supporting initiatives like Smart Cities Mission and Vision Zero goals, reduces crime and boosts house prices.

Lighting Up The Lone Star State

Revolutionarily Smart

iLamp, the future of street lighting, goes beyond simple illumination. It's a self-powered, modular, and easily identifiable smart lighting system that generates its own revenue.

Generates Revenue

Each iLamp hosts an ecosystem with app and module stores,  turning street lamps into a valuable, rentable real estate that generates consistent revenue.


iLamp's self-powering capacity helps cities reduce grid strain and carbon footprints, making strides toward climate goals.

Integrates Into Smart Cities

iLamp can integrate into smart city systems for improved monitoring, faster emergency response, and better adaptability to environmental and traffic conditions.

Powerfully Modular

Modules expand the capabilities of iLamp, including 24/7 360° video, Auto-Light, WiFi, EV charging, 5G connectivity, gunshot detection, and a suite of environmental sensors.

Power as a Service (PaaS)

Through Power as a Service, iLamp partners with local power companies offering green kilowatt-hours (GkWh) of self-generated power.

Optimizes Lighting

iLamp ensures optimal lighting for road users and pedestrians, contributing to the Vision Zero goals of eliminating traffic-related fatalities.

Installs On and

iLamp can be installed on or off-grid, in public spaces, in co-operation with utilities, deployed by developers, or owned by private entities for campuses, car parks, industrial parks, and more.

The Oregon

The document available below covers the information required to build a road map to commercial viability for the iLamp territorial license for the State of Oregon.

Smart Street Lighting

iLamp boosts energy efficiency, cost savings, and public safety, supporting initiatives like Smart Cities Mission and Vision Zero goals. iLamp drives sustainable urban development and integrates with additional modules to provide advanced functionality.

Public Security and Health

iLamp enhances road and pedestrian safety, improves weather and air quality monitoring, reduces light pollution, and integrates with existing infrastructure to promote public safety and well-being through its adaptive lighting, modular cameras, communication systems, and environmental sensors.

iLamp App Store for Urban Innovation

iLamp revolutionizes urban living with its dynamic platform for hardware and software innovation, akin to the impact of mobile app stores, offering transformative solutions for public safety, environmental monitoring, and traffic management through a modular design that encourages local and global technological advancement.