iLamp Washington

Sustainable and Safe Washington with iLamp

iLamp is revolutionizing street lighting in Washington, providing a transformative solution that lights up roads, produces income, creates jobs, and supports state objectives. As the exclusive iLamp licensee in Washington, we're thrilled to bring this advanced smart street light system to homeowners, small businesses, developments, towns and cities across the state.

Smart Street Lighting

iLamp relieves grid strain, while boosting energy efficiency, cost savings, and public safety, supporting both Net Zero and Vision Zero goals. iLamp drives sustainable urban development and integrates with additional modules to provide advanced functionality.

The Washington

The document available below covers the information required to build a road map to commercial viability for the iLamp territorial license for the state of Washington.

Illustration showing Conflow Power Groups autonomous power technologies, from solar, to battery, to generator, to turbine.


iLamp is a modular solution that can be adapted with a range of modules and sensors, for example to become a communications hub for your community with Wi-Fi and Cellular, 4 & 5G towers or improve community safety with auto lighting, 360° live camera, smoke detection, weather station, air quality monitoring and gunshot detection.

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iLamp Washington is raising money using modern financing techniques on ILOCX. You can visit our license page below to learn more about how iLamp Washington will help India meet their environmental, clean energy, carbon reduction, and safety goals, monitor their pollution and help to eliminate traffic deaths and serious injuries.

Order an iLamp

Visit iLamp Washington's order page, learn more about iLamp's revenue generating capabilities and modular options that can help meet the state's energy, public safety, and job creation concerns.

Our Team

Bill Gibbons

Chairman & CEO

Bill Gibbons is an author, innovator, visionary, entrepreneur, and disruptor.  He has designed radical approaches to learning and the use of technology that have transformed America.

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Patrice Tsague

Chief Strategist

Patrice Tsague is the grandson of King Johny Baleng I of Baleng Dschang, Cameroon. He is a preacher, business trainer, entrepreneur, international speaker, best selling author, and kingdom business coach.

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Rex Parker

Sales Director

Rex Parker’s over 30 years in sales and management has been a real asset for helping his clients achieve their corporate and individual goals.

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Lee Escobar

Principal Investor

Lee Escobar is a serial entrepreneur and a philanthropist. He has successfully steered many ventures including award-winning restaurants and multi-million dollar real estate investment companies.

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